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The Brief Fact Girl’s pretty damned cute, but check out these stats for 2010    ...              Hep C Straightup averaged about 1,083 visitors a week over the year      ...        Wa-hoo!!!     Last year (2010), 56,334 people came to the Straightup  ...  not too shabby,  eh?   ...   10,960 of whom were return visitors      ....      Hey   ...   keep comin’ back.        ;o)         Our most-read pages last year were the Hep C Straightup Home Page  ...    Hep C Symptoms Q & A,    our Guestbook,   the Kick Start,   the Hep C Treatment Q & A, and Transmission Q& A pages      ...       Most folks searching for us, found us through  YAHOO,     GOOGLE,   then LIVE search   ....      Did you know?    ...   Last year, Hep C Straightup had readers in 136 countries around the globe!    …   Hell, I didn’t even know there were that many countries     ...    most visitors are from the good ol’ US of A, of course   ...   and running a steady second, as always, are our good ol’ neighbors to the north:  CANADA...         where EVERYONE has healthcare.       ... hell ...        damn near everyone but the U.S. has healthcare    ... but, I digress ....   running a real close 3rd place is the UNITED KINGDOM,   then, in order of readership   ...   SWEDEN,   GERMANY,   AUSTRALIA,   CHINA,   FRANCE,   the RUSSIAN FEDERATION,   INDIA,   ROMANIA,   &   BRAZIL,     ....          In the U.S.,  Hep C Straightup's top 10 readership states for the year 2010   ...   remains   (drum roll please)   ...   CALIFORNIA   ...  by a friggin’ landslide I might add   ...   then,  in order of readership  ...   NEW YORK,   ILLINOIS,   FLORIDA,   TEXAS,   VIRGINIA,   ARIZONA,   NEW  JOISEY,   WASHINGTON,   &   PENNSYLVANIA     ....     Still love seeing those hits from the military serving stateside & overseas.      ...  a BIG salute to y’all    ...   and be careful out there   ...   ya hear?     ...    Hope y’all stay clear of those damn bumps in the road   ...   & don’t go pickin’ up any hitch hikers   ...   so you can come home & go ridin’ with us.       okey doke?                   Much thanks to EVERYBODY out there.                   Be well   ...   &   Stay tuned .....


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 Blue Collar is spoken here 
 That being the case, we're likely to use a few swear words, and speak frankly about sex & such.  If you're uptight about these issues, or easily offended, this site may not be for you. 

Got Hep C?

                                       ... then get the Straightup.

It's a drag you had to find this site - but we're glad you did.  Hep C straightup is geared to bikers and blue collar people, and exists to provide the straight up about Hepatitis C.  Everyone's welcome & we treat EVERYONE with Respect - Blue Collar is spoken here.  Living with hepatitis C isn't easy.  It's important to be well armed with information.



( ... or welcome back!)Hope y'all are doing well. Get it here ... Straightup

It's great to be back, myself!  Been in rehab for a good part of last year (a lil more on that here)

Summer's here & even though y'all are out on the roads, we hope you'll stop by, learn somethin, & tell us what ya think in our Guestbook (right here)



Hot enough for ya?

... hope y'all are stayin' healthy & the weather wherever ya are, is treatin ya right. Hep C Straightup is still here for ya. Gettin some updates done, after my little "vacation."  Life's been showin up, folks.  But you can read about it here. Welcome.


A special tip o' the hat goes to the docs & scientists out in Geneva, Switzerland for reapproving Hep C Straightup again as the worthy, credible, albeit downright blue collar resource for Health on the Net that we are. Thanks, y'all!!!


In the meantime ...

Get out & have some fun!  

             Take'r easy!


                Stay tuned ....

Just Diagnosed? New to Hep C? 

                               Get a Kick Start!

If you or someone you know were just diagnosed, or ya just want to learn about hep C.

Check out Hep C Kick Start - Straightup            

This is basic info about hepatitis C that can get ya started - to kick start ya in sorting through some of the (mis)information out there, and give ya an opportunity to ask questions.  The Kick Start also links ya to the Straightup on why hepatitis C is so damned hard to get rid of, and ...

... Transmission


No ... not that greasy tranny sitting under your kitchen table.  This is some straight up info on how hep C is actually transmitted.  Put another way ... just how do ya get hep C?
    - and straight up ...

              it's not necessarily from sex.  ...   


that is the question ... ain't it?

To Treat - or Not To Treat ....

Yep.  That is the question.  Whether 'tis nobler or not, there's a lot to consider before taking this very important step.  Hopefully we can get ya started with a little food for thought here.

     Check out To Treat or Not To Treat   

Any Questions

      ... alright, alright ....   You and a bunch of other people.   If you're wondering something, then chances are about 20 other people are, too.  

                       There's new Questions ...

                                       new Answers ....

                                             So, c'mon over to ...

                                      Hep C Q & A - Straightup.   

   Feel free to submit your questions.  Read other people's questions.
   Anything you ever wanted to ask about Hep C, you can ask here. 

   We're not just talkin' out of our asses.  If we don't know it,
   we'll research the crap out of it to get ya the right answers
                                                                        ... straight up.

Anyone can subscribe to Straightup Updates

Keep up with

     Straightup Updates

 ... & ya got several ways to do that.

Catch the Feed ...

We got RSS!


Some folks however, are a little more high-maintenance, and want to receive their very own email when New Stuff's posted to Hep C Straightup.  That's alright.  We can handle it.  Just hit the link on the navigation bar,

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Use It or Lose It!

      Here's a proven way to help you to ...

           Fight Brain Fog

   and entertain yourself with our
   Puzzles & Brain exercises! 


                                    check em out.

         That's right, folks ... fun ... and games.     


Not for Beginners

   Maybe you’ve known about your hep C for awhile … maybe even tried

   treatment in the past, and you’re wondering what the hell else to do, 

check out Been There, Done That – What’s Next?   

This page offers information about potential new and upcoming treatment options, including the new inhibitor family of drugs, information about clinical trials and alternative medicine.  It’s a bit more technical, but translated into plain english – straightup. 

Dragon Slayers

Hey.  It's not all bad.  There's a lot of people who beat this thing.  But they can tell ya themselves - straight up.


   Check out Hep C Success Stories

The Dragon Slayers 

Real people who've done this, sometimes more than once, and beat this thing (and never stopped riding!). On this page, you can read their stories, and submit your own. Like ...

 Skeeter Todd of Rolling Thunder Frames


Skeeter Todd, Dragon Slayer, true biker and more'n-a-decade Survivor of ...
                      the Big T


Actually, he's a survivor of many things.  This old-school, true biker's story offers a powerful message for those of us living with hep C.                       

                                                  Read it here ...

Know somebody with hepatitis C? 
       ... or someone who might benefit
Hep C Straightup

      ... or who may wanna help the Straightup

                                                  in some way?

This page offers opportunities to do just that.  You can find link codes for link exchanges, downloadable posters for your doctor's office, where you work, play, whatever ... you get the drift.

          Help to Spread the Word ...

Hep C in the News ...


These are snippets of, and links to news about hepatitis C, with our Straightup analysis (aka, our 2 cents)


We'll get it up for you as soon as we can ... and as often as possible.

              Get there ...  

Like Shovelheads & Science, working on a cure can seem like an iron butt ride.  New discoveries, failures, good tries, & hopeful possibilities are coming up all the time.  Keeping on top of it all is nearly impossible these days ... even for us.  Here's where we do our part.

             check out Novel Therapy News ...  


Far be it from us to be above shameless self promotion.

             check out the Straightup News  ... 


yep ... it's me.It's my opinion, and you're entitled to it.  Read another Editor's Note for the latest on what we're up to ...


                                           Read it here ...

In Memoriam

                 A way to remember those ...

                          Gone But Not Forgotten

A memorial page to honor those of us who've lost their fight with this damn disease.  Sometimes, when there's nothing a guy can do                     

         ... there's still Honor.
                                                Go there ...


This disease can be an f-in’ drag.  But the straight up is this: having hepatitis C is not necessarily a death sentence.  Living with hepatitis C is never something you need to do alone – or without a sense of humor.  

      For links to more hep C info & resources & stuff, you might wanna …

                                             … check out the Links page.  

a very cute dragon slayer at the Des Moines Swap Meet.

Be Our Guest ...       Weigh in on the Straightup

Let us know what you think, or what you’d like to see on this site, by signing our guestbook.  Nerd Grrl's finally got this thing figured out. So, here's your chance to weigh in ...

                        ... sign our Guestbook ...

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Notes from Nerd Grrl ...

For some time now, if your web browser is Internet Explorer, the site's been loading really wierd.  But Nerd Grrl's finally gottien alla that figured out.  So you can use any version of IE, and see the Straightup without a foot-wide, friggin' navigation bar, and enjoy the cool (of course) built-in sound cues.  As always, the site loads just fine in any version of Firefox, but the sound cues don't play.  Ah well ... 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. 


Yea, sure ... it'd be nice to have a quicker turn-around time with some of this stuff, but that's what happens when ya got an old blue collar, scooter trash hepper doin' a website ... without pay, I might add.  But I'm doin' my best to keep the Straightup, up. 

Next on my little to-do list is to consolidate the news. Plenty of sites are providing news briefs, so we'll just let 'em, but will hit ya with the highlights, and - as always - the Straightup analysis. 

Hep C in prison

It's been on me mind for quite some time, and we haven't forgotten.  There's a lot of crap going on with this issue that deserves our attention, and a lot of folks behind bars that need info about hep C.  We hope to bring them, and you, the straight up on it.

Stay Tuned ....





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