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 Fun & Games

That's right.  Fun ... and Games. 

While Hep C Straightup would never condone your doc playing games with ya,
    we wanna encourage playing
                    overall, cuz it helps to

Fight Brain Fog
  ... see?  

Are ya puzzled?
                Wanna be?

Play Straightup Puzzles ...

If puzzles don't cut it - pun fully intended - then try one of these other games on the Straightup:


you wanna piece of this?You want trouble? 
                  You got it. 
Bubble Trouble.
  Yea, you heard right. 
        Dare ya to play it just once.

Play Bubble Trouble  ...


Alright Quick Draw, let's see how ya do with the new & improved Reflex Tester.

After wrenching on it a bit, it's a little less unforgiving.  

 Play Reflex Tester ...            


A little old fashioned? Hey baby ... nice cortex.

    ... perhaps. 

        (but, what the hell?)



          Play Tic-Tac-Toe ...



Orson Wells coulda been right. 

  So here's your chance to defend
    the earth against the ...   

                             Space Invaders ...


Got a photographic memory?

Now ... 

    what the hell wuz i gonna tell ya??

oh yea!

    Rev up your memory with this

Memory Game


Play the Memory Game ...


Ya know, a guy's gotta be grateful to still be on this side of the ol' dirt nap.  Beat's the hell outa bein' Worm Food ... eh?

... but you can play Worm Food ...


Some days ya just might feel like smacking something ... 'specially if you're on treatment.  ... or maybe you'd like to be batting for your favorite team.  Well, give this a try, and ...

... Smuck the Penguin! ...

Death & Taxes

There are some things in life that are unavoidable.  To those of us living with hepatitis C - whether it's you or someone close to you - another inevitable fact of life is brain frog. 

Hold it - not brain frog - we're talkin' brain fog, space cadet (Sheesh!) -  otherwise referred to in medical circles, as encephalopathy.

But, hey ... it's not so bad.  Believe it or not, there's something you can do about this.  A bunch of science nerds at UCLA published a study earlier this summer that proved that making some simple lifestyle changes will "improve brain and cognitive functioning" ... in english, that's revive some of those burnt-out brain cells you left at the Grateful Dead Concert back in ... (you get the drift).  You motorcycle-riding closet nerds can read about it here.

For the rest of us ... Study participants improved brain functioning in just 14 days by:

  • Doing daily crossword puzzles & brain teasers;

  • Taking a daily walk;

  • Ate five small meals a day: a balanced diet full of antioxidants (garlic, fruits & veggies with the peels left on where possible), low glycemic carbohydrates (like whole grains), and omega-3 fats (lemme get back to ya on this one)

We here at Hep C Straightup wanted to do our part, so we've provided you with a few little ditties that might help ya keep your gears greased.
























Hey ... I'm not a doctor - don't even play one on t.v. - so, check out my little disclaimer ... here.

on: 09.20.2012

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